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Welcome to the Orc Racing Club

O.R.C is a collection of 6,969 Orc NFTs hosted on the blockchain. Your Orc NFT is a unique digital asset and is your membership token into the Orc Racing Club, granting you access to members-only perks.

These exclusive perks include:

We’re setting out a bold vision for the future of NFTs - read more in our roadmap and join us for the ride!

Buy an Orc

Our mint on the marketplace is now closed, but you can still buy your own Orc on the secondary market.

The Specs

Each Orc is a unique and algorithmically generated collectible using base layers hand drawn by our artists.

There are over 300+ attributes across 11 categories: background, shoulder, body, clothes, necklace , markings, mouth, tusk, eyes, bling, head. These attributes determine how rare an Orc is, with each trait ranging from common to ultra rare.

Every single Orc still has membership to the Orc Racing Club and will still be able to access member-only perks, such as using your Orc in our upcoming video game and contributing to community-led decisions.


We have a bold vision.

This is our high level roadmap. We have many other features in the pipeline that will be released going forward, and other ideas which will be generated by our community and voted via the OrcDAO.

  • The Launch

    Monitor the Solana NFT market to ensure a fair mint

    Launch 6969 unique Orc NFTs on the Magic Eden Launchpad

    $10,000 raffle for early Orcs

  • Post Mint

    Set up the O.R.C collection on secondary marketplaces

    Release rarity and sales bot

    Establish OrcDAO with treasury

    🚧 Begin work on O.R.C game development

    🚧 Explore launching $ORC coin with in-game utility for P2E

    🚧 Ramp up marketing and collaborate with other Solana projects

    🚧 Airdrop car NFTs in December

  • The Club

    🚧 Full website activation

    🔄 Release $ORC coin with token staking functionality

    🔄 O.R.C Clubhouse

    🚧 Launch our “Socially Orcward” members-only merch

    🔄 Collab with upcoming independent NFT Solana artists

  • Expand DAO Treasury
    Subject to vote by the OrcDAO

    ❔ Invest back into the SOL ecosystem via partnerships with upcoming projects

    ❔ Establish a charity arm where we will donate a portion of proceeds to chosen charity

    ❔ Use portion of funds to invest into bluechip SOL projects

  • The Game

    🔄 Release our Orc Racing Club blockchain game to all members

The Team

O.R.C was created by four friends who are passionate about the future of De-Fi and have been avidly watching the growth of the NFT world. We set out to create some cool art people will love and build a community of like-minded people.

Hates Mondays


Loves cream cheese


Looks like a vole


Dreams in prime numbers

The Artist

Can only smell yellow


Sees in binary

Chief DevelopOrc